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Fragilariopsis F. Hustedt in A. Schmidt et al. 00/08/1913, pl. 299, fig. 9-14
Generitype T: Fragilariopsis antarctica (A.F. Castracane) F. Hustedt 1913 (= Fragilaria antarctica A.F. Castracane 1886, non A. Schwarz 1887 = Fragilaria castracanei De Toni 1892)
Designated by Hustedt, F. in A. Schmidt et al. (000807)
Year Designated 1913
Nomenclatural status valid
Recent revisions Hasle 1964 (ref. 002451), Hasle 1965 (ref. 002452, 002453)
Comments Type by monotypy. Fragilaria castracanei De Toni 1892 (ref. 000950) p. 687 is a new name given by De Toni to replace Fragilaria antarctica Castracane 1886 (non Schwartz 1877). Medlin & Sims 1993 (ref. 006582) transferred Pseudo-eunotia doliolus, the type of Pseudo-eunotia Grunow in Van Heurck 1881, to genus Fragilariopsis. Because Pseudo-eunotia predates Fragilariopsis, Fragilariopsis would become illegitimate (as later nomenclatural synonym of Pseudo-eunotia) by the inclusion of Pseudo-eunotia doliolus , unless Fragilariopsis is conserved against Pseudo-eunotia. Such conservation has not been formally proposed yet.
Published in

Schmidt, A. 1874-1959  (ref. 807)

Atlas der Diatomaceen-kunde.

R. Reisland, Leipzig. Parts 1-120, Pls. 1-460