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Didymosphenia M. Schmidt in A. Schmidt et al. 00/03/1899, pl. 214, fig. 1-12
Generitype T: Didymosphenia geminata (Lyngbye) M. Schmidt in A. Schmidt et al. 1899 (= Echinella geminata Lyngbye 1919)
Designated by ICBN 1956 (ref. 006916), p. 200
Year Designated 1956
Nomenclatural status nom. cons.
Recent revisions
Comments Name conserved vs. Dendrella Bory (nomenclatural synonym) and Diomphala Ehrenberg 1843 (taxonomic synonym) (see ICBN 1956, p. 200, ref. 006916). Introduced as a new genus (pl. 214, fig. 103: Didymosphenia n.g. sibirica) but later in the text seems to be considered a subgenus of Gomphonema: "Das neue Subgenus von Gomphonema ist durch das in beiden Endknoten scharf nach derselben Seite abbiegende Ende der Raphe immer deutlich gekennzeichnet" (this new subgenus of Gomphonema is characterized by the unilaterally curved ends of the raphe). Three species are originally included, D. sibirica (Grun.) M. Schmidt, D. curvirostrum (Temp. & Brun) M. Schmidt, and D. geminata (Lyng.) M. Schmidt, and no type is designated. Didymosphenia is also a nomenclatural synonym of Gomphonema Agardh (nom. rej.). Pre-conservation lectotypification with D. geminata in ICBN 1952, p. 70 (ref. 006915) and Taxon 1: 95-97. July 1952 (ref. 006922).
Published in

Schmidt, A. 1874-1959  (ref. 807)

Atlas der Diatomaceen-kunde.

R. Reisland, Leipzig. Parts 1-120, Pls. 1-460