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Cocconeis placentula Ehrenberg 1838, p. 194
Published inEhrenberg, C.G. 1838 [ref. 000288]. Die Infusionsthierchen als vollkommene Organismen. Ein Blick in das tiefere organische Leben de Natur. Verlag von Leopold Voss, Leipzig. pp. 1-xvii, 1-548, pls. 1-64. [two volumes: Text, Atlas]
TypeLT (designed by Jahn et al. 2009, p. 280, ref. 013280): EC 544206 (at Ehrenberg Collection, Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin- BHUPM) Epitype (designed by Jahn et al. 2009, p. 280, ref. 013280): specimen B 40 0040647) from monoclonal strain D36_012Click here to view INA card. Click here to check this name in the INA website.
Type LocalityLT: "near Berlin", Germany ET: Epiphytpn, Landwehrkanal, Tiergarten, Berlin, Germany; 11 June 2005, leg. W.-H. KusberLanguage of descriptionL
CollectorAssessment of record accuracylikely accurate
List of nomenclatural synonymsCocconeis communis f. placentula (Ehrenberg) Chmielevski 1885
Cocconeis communis var. placentula (Ehrenberg) Gutwinski 1887
Cocconeis communis var. placentula (Ehrenberg) Kirchner 1878
Cocconeis pediculus var. placentula (Ehrenberg) Grunow 1867