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Navicula interrupta var. biceps (Gregory) Prochazka 1923, p. 86
BasionymPinnularia biceps Gregory 1856
Published inProchazka, J.S. 1923 [ref. 001822]. Katalog Ceskych Rozsivek. Archiv pro Prirodovedecky Vzykum Cech. V Komisi Fr. Rivnace. Praha 17(2):114 pp.
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CollectorAssessment of record accuracyuncertain/not verified
List of nomenclatural synonymsNavicula bicapitata Lagerstedt 1873
Navicula interrupta f. bicapitata (Lagerstedt) Fritsch 1918
Navicula interrupta f. biceps (Gregory) Fricke 1902
Navicula interrupta var. bicapitata (Lagerstedt) Wolle 1890
Pinnularia bicapitata (Lagerstedt) Cleve 1891
Pinnularia biceps Gregory 1856
Pinnularia interrupta f. bicapitata (Lagerstedt) F.W. Mills 1934
Pinnularia interrupta f. biceps (Gregory) Cleve 1895
Pinnularia interrupta var. bicapitata (Lagerstedt) Mayer 1913
Pinnularia interrupta var. biceps (Gregory) Meister 1912
Navicula bicapitata O'Meara 1875
Pinnularia bicapitata (Lagerstedt) Dippel 1905