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Actinoptychus octonarius Ehrenberg 1854, p. 7; pl. 18, fig. 22
CommentsNon (Ehrenberg) Kützing 1844? This is taxonomically an Actinoptychus, and it is illustrated from Richmond, Virginia. This is probably the name of a new taxon, not a new combination (of Actinocyclus octonarius Ehr.). Ehrenberg cites in the plate caption possible ealier dates of publication (1841, 1844). Name appeared as a nomen nudum in Ehrenberg 1843, p. 162 (ref. 002003), Ehrenberg 1843, p. 328 (ref. 000294), Ehrenberg 1845, p. 83 (ref. 000955).
Published inEhrenberg, C.G. 1854 [ref. 000966]. Mikrogeologie. Einundvierzig Tafeln mit über viertausend grossentheils colorirten Figuren, Gezeichnet vom Verfasser. [Atlas]. Leopold Voss, Leipzig. 40 pls.
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CollectorAssessment of record accuracylikely accurate
List of nomenclatural synonymsActinoptychus vulgaris f. octonaria (Ehrenberg) Frenguelli 1928
Actinoptychus undulatus var. octonarius (Ehrenberg) Grunow 1867