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Achnanthidium maximum var. lanceolata ‘Østrup’ according to Cleve-Euler 1939, p. 12
CommentsCitation error for Cocconeis maxima var. lanceolata ěstrup 1910, p. 245 (ref. 000707). Invalid as a new combination because cited pro syn. Achnanthes maxima var. lanceolata (Ostr.) Cleve-Euler 1939
Published inCleve-Euler, A. (Cleve) 1939 [ref. 000250]. Bacillariaceen-Assoziationen im Nördlichsten Finnland. Acta Societatis Scientiarum Fennicae, Nova Series B. Helsingfors, Akademische Buchhandlung (Acta botanica fennica). 2(3):1-41, 63 figs.
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CollectorAssessment of record accuracyuncertain/not verified
List of nomenclatural synonymsAchnanthes maxima var. lanceolata (Østrup) Cleve-Euler 1953
Cocconeis maxima var. lanceolata Østrup 1910
Eucocconeis maxima var. lanceolata (Østrup) F.W. Mills 1934
Achnanthes maxima var. lanceolata (Østrup) Cleve-Euler 1939