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Cerataulus scaber var. heliodiscus Brun 1891, p. 27; pl. 17, fig. 1
as "Eupodiscus scaber Grev. var. heliodiscus" in text and "Eupodiscus (Cerataulus) Scaber Grev. var. Heliodiscus" in plate caption
CommentsCombination may have been validated by De Toni Sy. p. 1076. Combination accepted by Mills, p. 361
Published inBrun, J. 1891 [ref. 000176]. Diatomées espèces nouvelles marines, fossiles ou pélagiques. Mémoires de la Société de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle de Genève 31(part 2, no.1):1-47, pl. 11-22.
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Type LocalityLanguage of descriptionF
CollectorAssessment of record accuracylikely accurate
List of nomenclatural synonymsEupodiscus scaber var. heliodiscus (Brun) Tempère & Peragallo 1912
Eupodiscus scaber var. heliodiscus Brun 1891