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Aulacoseira subarctica var. tenuis (Hustedt) A. Tuji & A. Houki 2004, p. 39
BasionymMelosira longispina var. tenuis Hustedt in Huber-Pestalozzi 1942
CommentsError (typo) in citation of page of publication of basionym (339, instead of 389); but does not invalidate the new combination.
Published inTuji, A. and Houki, A. 2004 [ref. 012948]. Taxonomy, ultrastructure, and biogeography of the Aulacoseira subarctica species complex. Bulletin of the National Science Museum, Series B (Botany), Tokyo 30(2):35-55.
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CollectorAssessment of record accuracylikely accurate
List of nomenclatural synonymsMelosira longispina var. tenuis Hustedt in Huber-Pestalozzi 1942
Aulacoseira longispina var. tenuis (Hustedt) Simonsen 1979
Aulacoseira tenuis (Hustedt) H. Kobayasi in Mayama, S., Idei, M., Osada, K. & Nagumo, T. 2002