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BITTACIDAE (Hanging-flies)

Hanging flies superficially resemble crane-flies with their very long, thin legs. These predators hang from vegetation with their forelegs and capture prey insects with their raptorial hindlegs. During courtship, males often present females with a nuptial meal, which she feeds on during mating. Some species are known to steal food from spider webs. Two genera are flightless: Anomalobittacus having reduced, strap-like wings, and Apterobittacus having wings completely absent. Three genera of bittacids have greatly enlarged cerci, Anabittacus, Orobittacus and Tytthobittacus. Pazius is extremely slender, with enlarged compound eyes broadly contiguous dorsally. Three closely related Neotropical genera, Issikiella, Kalobittacus and Nannobittacus have highly iridescent wings with extensive dark pigmentation. One temperate North American genus, Hylobittacus, has the wing apices darkened.


Anabittacus iridipennis Kimmins 1929 Chile
Anomalobittacus gracilipes Kimmins 1928 South Africa
Apterobittacus apterus (MacLachlan) 1871 U.S.A. (CA, CO ?)
Austrobittacus anomalus Riek 1954 Australia
Bittacus aequalis Navás 1914 Kenya
Bittacus africanus Esben-Petersen 1915 Zaire
Bittacus alluaudi Navás 1914 Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia
= Bittacus jeanneli Navás 1914
= Bittacus zavattarii Capra 1939
Bittacus andinus Londt and Byers 1974 Bolivia, Peru
Bittacus angrensis Souza Lopes and Mangabeira 1942 Brazil (RJ)
Bittacus annae Londt 1972 South Africa
Bittacus appendiculatus Esben-Petersen 1927 China (Yunnan)
Bittacus armatus Tjeder 1956 Zimbabwe, South Africa
= Bittacus solitarius Tjeder 1956
Bittacus banksi Esben-Petersen 1915 Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico (Guerrero, Jalisco, Morelos,Yucatan), Panama
Bittacus berlandi Capra 1939 Tanzania, Kenya
= Bittacus rhombicus Kimmins 1957
Bittacus bicornis Londt 1993 South Africa
Bittacus boraceiensis Morgante 1967 Brazil (SP)
Bittacus boranicus Capra 1939 Ethiopia
Bittacus brasiliensis Klug 1838 Argentina, Brazil
Bittacus brunneus Esben-Petersen 1927 Paraguay
Bittacus bullatus Londt 1972 South Africa
Bittacus burgeoni Navás 1930 Zaire
Bittacus burmanus Tjeder 1974 Burma
Bittacus byersi Londt 1972 South Africa
Bittacus capensis (Thunberg) 1784 South Africa
= Panorpa capensis Thunberg 1784
Bittacus caprai Londt 1972 Zambia, Zimbabwe
Bittacus carpenteri Cheng 1957 China (Szechwan)
Bittacus chevalieri (Navás) 1908 Chad, Mali, Senegal, French Somaliland
= Haplodictyus chevalieri Navás 1908
Bittacus chilensis Klug 1838 Chile
Bittacus chlorostigma MacLachlan 1881 U.S.A. (CA, OR)
Bittacus chujoi Issiki and Cheng 1947 Taiwan
Bittacus cirratus Tjeder 1956 China (Manchuria, Kiangsi)
= Bittacus zoensis Cheng 1957
Bittacus contumax Tjeder 1956 China
Bittacus coreanus Issiki 1929 China (Kiangsu), Korea
Bittacus cottrelli Londt 1972 South Africa
Bittacus discors Navás 1914 Kenya, Somalia
= Bittacus patrizii Navás 1929
Bittacus disternum Byers 1996 Costa Rica
Bittacus diversinervis Souza Lopes and Mangabeira 1942 Brazil (AC, AM, AP, ES, GO, MG, PE, RJ, RR, SP)
Bittacus elisabethae Navás 1930 Zaire
Bittacus eremus Lambkin 1988 Australia
Bittacus erythrostigma Byers 1975 Uganda, Zaire
Bittacus femoralis Klug 1838 Brazil (GO, RO)
Bittacus flavescens Klug 1838 Brazil (ES, MG, RJ, RS, SP), Venezuela
= Bittacus affinis Westwood 1846
Bittacus formosanus Issiki 1927 Taiwan
Bittacus fritzi Williner 1990 Argentina
Bittacus fumosus Esben-Petersen 1913 Kenya, Zimbabwe,Tanzania, Zambia
Bittacus geniculatus Erichson 1848 Brazil, Guyana
Bittacus golbachi Williner 1990 Argentina
Bittacus gressitti Cheng 1957 China (Kwangtung)
Bittacus hageni Brauer 1860 Austria, Belgium, France
Bittacus henryi Kimmins 1928 Sri Lanka
Bittacus homburgerae Navás 1933 French Guinea
Bittacus indicus Walker 1853 India
Bittacus insularis Esben-Petersen 1915 Sri Lanka
Bittacus issikii Miyamoto 1979 Japan
Bittacus italicus (Müller) 1766 Belgium, Bosnia, Germany, Romania, Spain, Switzerland
= Panorpa italica Müller 1766
= Panorpa tipularia Fabricius 1775
= Panorpa tipuloides Schrank 1776
Bittacus kagoshimaensis Issiki 1929 Japan
Bittacus kimminsi Tjeder 1956 South Africa
Bittacus kunenensis Wood 1933 Namibia
Bittacus lachlani Navás 1925 Kenya
Bittacus laevipes Navás 1909 Japan
Bittacus latipennis Gerstaecker 1885 India
Bittacus leptocaudus Byers 1965 Thailand
Bittacus leptocercus Navás 1934 Tanzania
Bittacus lineatus Navás 1914 Kenya
= Bittacus similis Kimmins 1957
Bittacus livingstonei Londt 1981 Malawi
Bittacus maculatus Issiki 1927 Taiwan
Bittacus maculosus Byers 1965 Brazil (AM), Trinidad
Bittacus malaisei Tjeder 1974 Burma
Bittacus marginatus Miyake 1913 Japan
Bittacus mastrillii Navás 1913 Japan
Bittacus mexicanus Klug 1838 Mexico (Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi)
Bittacus milleri Londt 1978 South Africa
Bittacus montanus Weele 1910 Angola, Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia
= Bittacus woodi Smithers 1959
Bittacus moschinus Navás 1914 Malawi, Tanzania, Zambia
Bittacus natalensis Wood 1933 Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa
Bittacus nebulosus Klug 1838 Mozambique, South Africa
Bittacus nipponicus Navás 1909 Japan
Bittacus nodosus Rust and Byers 1976 India, Pakistan
Bittacus occidentis Walker 1853 U.S.A. (AL, AR, AZ, DC, DE, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MD, MO, NC, NE, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VA)
= Bittacus arizonicus Banks 1911
Bittacus omega Morgante 1967 Brazil (MG)
Bittacus oreinus Navás 1914 Ethiopia
Bittacus panamensis Byers 1958 Costa Rica, Panama, Venezuela
Bittacus peninsularis Byers 1996 Mexico (Baja California Sur)
Bittacus peringueyi Esben-Petersen 1913 South Africa
Bittacus peterseni Kimmins 1938 South Africa
Bittacus pieli Navás 1935 China (Kiangsi)
Bittacus pignatellii Navás 1932 Panama
Bittacus pilicornis Westwood 1846 Canada, U.S.A. (AL, AR, DC, FL, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MO, MS, NC, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TN, TX, VA, WS, WV)
Bittacus pinguipalpi Wood 1933 Namibia
Bittacus pintoi Souza Lopes and Mangabeira 1942 Brazil (MG)
Bittacus planus Cheng 1949 China (Shensi)
Bittacus pobeguini (Navás) 1908 Zaire, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Uganda
= Haplodictyus pobeguini Navás 1908
= Bittacus kongoloensis Lestage 1929
Bittacus pollex Byers and Roggero 1992 Panama
Bittacus punctiger Westwood 1846 U.S.A. (AL, DC, FL, GA, IL, IN, MD, MS, NC, TN, TX, VA, WV)
Bittacus rossi Londt 1977 Zaire
Bittacus saigusai Miyamoto 1984 Japan
Bittacus schoutedeni Esben-Petersen 1913 Zaire
= Bittacus lestagei Kimmins 1957
Bittacus selysi Esben-Petersen 1917 South Africa
Bittacus sinensis Walker 1853 China (Chekiang, Kiangsu), Korea, Japan
= Bittacus quaternipunctatus Enderlein 1910
= Bittacus strategus Navás 1913
Bittacus sinicus Issiki 1931 China (Szechwan)
Bittacus sjostedti Weele 1910 Kenya, Tanzania
Bittacus smithersi Londt 1972 South Africa
Bittacus sobrinus Tjeder 1956 South Africa
Bittacus sonani Issiki 1929 Taiwan
Bittacus spatulatus Byers 1996 Costa Rica, Nicaragua
Bittacus stanleyi Byers 1968 Zaire, Malawi
Bittacus stigmaterus Say 1823 U.S.A. (CT, DC, GA, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MD, MI, MO, MS, NC, NE, NY, OH, OK, SC, TN, TX, VA)
= Bittacus pallidipennis Westwood 1846
Bittacus striatus Issiki 1927 Taiwan
Bittacus strigosus Hagen 1861 U.S.A. (AL, AR, CT, DC, IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MT, NC, ND, NE, NH, NJ, NY, OH, OK, PA, SC, TN, VA, VT, WV, WY), Canada (MB, PQ)
Bittacus sylvaticus Byers 1996 Mexico (Veracruz)
Bittacus takaoensis Miyake 1913 Japan
= Bittacus polemicus Navás 1913
Bittacus taraiensis Penny 1969 India
Bittacus tarsalis Miyamoto 1984 Japan
Bittacus testaceus Klug 1838 Zimbabwe, South Africa
= Bittacus brincki Tjeder 1956
Bittacus texanus Banks 1908 U.S.A. (KS, NM, TX)
Bittacus tienmushana Cheng 1957 China (Chekiang)
Bittacus tjederi Londt 1970 South Africa
Bittacus triangularis Issiki 1929 Korea, Manchuria
Bittacus tuxeni Byers 1975 Guinea, Malawi
Bittacus ussuriensis Plutenko 1985 Far Eastern Russia
Bittacus vexilliferus Byers 1970 China (Szechwan)
Bittacus vumbanus Smithers 1960 Zimbabwe
Bittacus wahlbergi Londt 1972 South Africa
Bittacus walkeri Esben-Petersen 1915 South Africa
= Bittacus angulosus Tjeder 1956
= Bittacus gessi Londt 1972
= Bittacus pondoensis Londt 1972
Bittacus weelei Esben-Petersen 1913 Angola, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia
= Bittacus longistigma Navás 1926
= Bittacus negus Navás 1915
= Bittacus wittei Navás 1933
Bittacus zambezinus Navás 1931 Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa
= Bittacus natalensis Wood 1933
Bittacus zelichi Williner 1990 Argentina
Bittacus zulu Londt 1972 South Africa
Edriobittacus microcercus (Gerstaecker) 1885 Australia
= Bittacus microcerus Gerstaecker 1885
Harpobittacus albatus Riek 1954 Australia
= Harpobittacus limnaeus Smithers 1973
Harpobittacus australis (Klug) 1838 Australia (Tasmania)
= Bittacus australis Klug 1838
= Bittacus corethrarius Rambur 1842
= Bittacus intermedius Selys 1868 (female)
= Harpobittacus australis rubipes Riek 1954
Harpobittacus cristine Lambkin 1994 Australia
Harpobittacus nigratus Navás 1932 Australia (New South Wales)
Harpobittacus nigriceps (Selys) 1868 Australia
= Bittacus nigriceps Selys 1868
= Bittacus intermedius Selys 1868 (male)
Harpobittacus phaeoscius Riek 1954 Australia
Harpobittacus quasisimilis Lambkin 1994 Australia
Harpobittacus rubricatus Riek 1954 Australia
= Harpobittacus tillyardi rubricatus Riek 1954
Harpobittacus scheibeli Esben-Petersen 1935 Australia
= Harpobittacus brewerae Smithers 1973
Harpobittacus septentrionis Lambkin 1994 Australia
Harpobittacus similis Esben-Petersen 1935 Australia
Harpobittacus tillyardi Esben-Petersen 1915 Australia (Tasmania)
Hylobittacus apicalis (Hagen) 1861 U.S.A. (AL, AR, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MO, NC, NY, OH, OK, PA, TN, VA, WV), Mexico (Hidalgo ?)
= Bittacus apicalis Hagen 1861
= Haplodictyus incertus Navás 1926
Issikiella amazonica Byers and Florez 1995 Colombia
Issikiella araguaiensis Penny and Arias 1983 Brazil (PA)
Issikiella boliviensis Williner 1985 Bolivia
Issikiella byersi Penny and Arias 1983 Brazil (AM)
Issikiella pulchra Byers 1972 Brazil (SC)
Kalobittacus bimaculatus Esben-Petersen 1914 Mexico (Tabasco, Veracruz)
Kalobittacus demissus Byers 1996 Costa Rica
Kalobittacus hubbelli Byers 1965 Honduras
Kalobittacus inornatus Byers 1996 Costa Rica
Kalobittacus masoni Byers 1994 Mexico (Veracruz)
Kalobittacus maniculatus Byers 1996 Guatemala
Kalobittacus ramosus Byers 1958 Panama
Kalobittacus similis Byers 1994 Mexico (Veracruz)
Nannobittacus elegans Esben-Petersen 1927 Brazil (PA)
Nannobittacus pollex Byers and Roggero 1992 Colombia, Panama
Nannobittacus souzalopesi Penny and Arias 1983 Brazil (AM)
Nannobittacus tjederi Byers 1965 Colombia, Panama, Venezuela
Neobittacus aripuanaensis Penny 1977 Brazil (MT)
Neobittacus blancheti (Pictet) 1836 Brazil (ES)
= Bittacus blancheti Pictet 1836
Orobittacus obscurus Villegas and Byers 1981 U.S.A. (CA)
Pazius cinctipes Byers and Florez 1995 Colombia
Pazius flinti Byers 1977 Panama
Pazius furcatus Byers 1957 Venezuela
Pazius gracilis (Navás) 1908 Peru
= Bittacus gracilis Navás 1908
Pazius obtusus Byers 1957 Panama, Costa Rica
Pazius ornaticaudus Penny 1977 Brazil (AC, MT)
Pazius pectinatus Byers 1977 Ecuador
Pazius spinosus Byers and Roggero 1992 Panama
Symbittacus scitulus Byers 1986 Australia
Tytthobittacus macalpinei Smithers 1973 Australia


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