Dr. Robert Drewes
Dr. Robert Drewes
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Dr. Robert Drewes, a former resident of Kenya, is Curator and Chairman of the Department of Herpetology, California Academy of Sciences. His research interests include the evolutionary relationships, natural history and biogeography of African amphibians and reptiles, the comparative physiology of arid-adapted amphibians and African affairs. He is the author of numerous scientific publications and during the past 4 decades has led research expeditions to and/or traveled through 30 African countries, Madagascar and the Seychelles Islands. He is a Research Professor of Biology at San Francisco State University and an Affiliate Professor of Biology at the University of Idaho. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society, a Research Associate of the National Museums of Kenya and the Department of Zoology, University of the Western Cape, South Africa, and has served on the National CITES Standing Committee of the Kenya Wildlife Society. He is coauthor of A Field Guide to the Reptiles of East Africa. 2002. Academic Press; Reptiles and Amphibians of East Africa. 2006. Princeton Pocket Guides; and Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Amphibians. 2009. Oxford University Press.

His e-mail address is rdrewes@calacademy.org


Drewes African Field Work

2012. Gulf of Guinea Ids. VI. Sao Tome, Principe
2011. Gulf of Guinea Ids. V. Sao Tome, Principe
2010. Gulf of Guinea Ids. IV. Sao Tome, Principe
2008. Gulf of Guinea Ids. III. Sao Tome, Principe
2006. Gulf of Guinea Ids. II. Sao Tome, Principe
2005. Kenya
2001. Gulf of Guinea Ids. I. Sao Tome, Principe
2000. Gulf of Guinea Islands, Kenya
1999. Western Cape, South Africa
1998. Equatorial Guinea
1996. Uganda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
1995. Kenya, South Africa
1994. South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia
1993. Kenya (UNFAO GEF Consultant)
1993. Kenya, Tanzania
1992. Cape Province, South Africa
1992. Kenya, Arabuko-Sokoke Forest research
1990. Uganda, Impenetrable Forest research
1990. Uganda, Impenetrable Forest collecting reconnaissance
1988. East & West Usambara Mtns, Tanzania
1987. Kenya coast
1986. Botswana, Tanzania, Kenya (spring)
1984. Benin, Togo, Ivory Coast-- incidental collecting.
1984. Namaqualand, South Africa (summer)
1984. Natal, Cape Province, South Africa (winter)
1982. Kenya
1981. Kenya
1979. Kenya
1978. Zambia
1976. Central and western Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria
1975. Northern and central Kenya
1974. Sahara Desert expedition: Tunisia, Algeria
1971. Northern Kenya
1969. Northern Kenya