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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Chaetodermis (subgenus of Monacanthus) Swainson [W.] 1839:327 Fem. Balistes penicilligerus Cuvier 1816. Type by subsequent designation. Type designated by Bleeker 1866:12, 26 [ref. 417]. On Official List (Opinion 764); treated as masculine by ICZN but classically feminine. Choetoderma Swainson 1839:194 [ref. 4303], and Chaetoderma p. 438 are misspellings and on Official Index. Swainson misspelled Monacanthus as Monocanthus. •Valid as Chaetodermis Swainson 1839 -- (Matsuura 1979:164 [ref. 7019], Tyler 1980:176 [ref. 4477] and Arai 1983:199 [ref. 14249] as Chaetoderma, Matsuura in Masuda et al. 1984:359 [ref. 6441], Hutchins 2001:3931 [ref. 26316], Allen et al. 2006:1885 [ref. 29098]). Current status: Valid as Chaetodermis Swainson 1839. Monacanthidae.

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