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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Percopsis Agassiz [L.] 1849:81 Fem. Percopsis guttatus Agassiz 1850. Type by subsequent monotypy. Appeared first without named species. Description begun on p. 80 (published Nov. 1848), name appears on p. 81 (published Mar. 1849); genus dates to Mar. 1849, with type by subsequent monotypy. Appeared with detailed description and with species included in Agassiz 1850:284 [ref. 66]. The species P. pellucida Thompson apparently predates Agassiz's P. guttatus (see Poly 2004:2 [ref. 27584]), but the type species guttatus Agassiz apparenlty can be maintained based on prevailing usage. •Valid as Percopsis Agassiz 1849 -- (Jenkins & Burkhead 1994:589 [ref. 21581], Wiley et al. 1998:423 [ref. 25588], Mecklenburg et al. 2002:262 [ref. 25968], Poly 2004:1 [ref. 27584], Scharpf 2006:35 [ref. 30386]). Current status: Valid as Percopsis Agassiz 1849. Percopsidae.

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