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Wallago Bleeker [P.] 1851:265 Masc. Silurus muelleri Bleeker 1846. Type by subsequent designation. Also in Bleeker 1851:198, 202 [ref. 329]. Bleeker 1862:394 [ref. 391] and 1862:17 [393] has the type as Wallago attu Bleeker (wallagoo and muelleri originally included); Myers 1938:98 [ref. 3116] and 1948:19-20 [ref. 12606] missed 1851:265 description and erred in his analysis. Kottelat 2000:87 [ref. 25486] suggests that Bleeker 1862-1863 established the type species since he designated attu and placed muelleri in the synonymy of attu; he concludes that this met the requirements of Art. 69.2.2, but the Code is unclear -- that article says that if an author designates as type species a nominal species that was not originally included...and at the same time places that nominal species [attu] in the synonymy of one of the originally included species [muelleri] then that establishes the type. But does placing in synonymy mean the reverse, i.e, a species designated as type must have been put in the synonymy of muelleri contra Kottelat. Kottelat and Eschmeyer both agree that this is another example of the lack of accuracy in the wording ot the ICZN, and this was not modified in the 2000 Code. In any event, the type species remains the same. Earliest valid designation probably was by Haig 1952:101; see Appendix A in Eschmeyer 1990 [ref. 20647]. Ferraris 2007:380 [ref. 29155] indicates the type was designated first by Bleeker 1862:17, 79. Treated by authors as masculine. See van Oijen et al. 2009:225 [ref. 30423]. •Valid as Wallago Bleeker 1851 -- (Haig 1952:79 [ref. 12607], Jayaram 1977:6 [ref. 7005] 1981:209 [ref. 6497], Roberts 1982 [ref. 6808], Burgess 1989:86 [ref. 12860], Roberts 1989:151 [ref. 6439], Ataur Rahman 1989:165 [ref. 24860], Bornbusch 1995 [ref. 22289], Dai in Chu et al. 1999:91 [ref. 24534], Kottelat 2000:87 [ref. 25486], Ataur Rahman 2003:185 [ref. 31338], Ng 2004:92 [ref. 27505], Jayaram 2006:112 [ref. 28762], Ferraris 2007:380 [ref. 29155], Kottelat 2013:239 [ref. 32989], Roberts 2014:35 [ref. 33394], Zhang et al. 2016:181 [ref. 34477]). Current status: Valid as Wallago Bleeker 1851. Siluridae.

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