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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Parachromis Agassiz [L.] 1859:408 Masc. Parachromis gulosus Agassiz 1859. Type by monotypy. Regarded as not available, no distinguishing features provided in 1998 edition of the Catalog of Fishes. However, Kullander & Hartel 1997:196 [ref. 22732] treated the genus as available and valid and we now follow them. Also see Bussing 1998:372 [ref. 24179]. Parachromis Regan 1922 was replaced by Tristramella Trewavas 1942 and Tristramella continues in use for Middle Eastern cichlids. •Valid as Parachromis Agassiz 1859 -- (Kullander in Reis et al. 2003:640 [ref. 27061], Chakrabarty 2007:23 [ref. 29359], Říĉan et al. 2008:952 [ref. 31419], Scharpf 2009:9 [ref. 30400], Minckley & Marsh 2009:268 [ref. 31114], Kottelat 2013:374 [ref. 32989], Říčan et al. 2016:32 [ref. 34357]). Current status: Valid as Parachromis Agassiz 1859. Cichlidae: Cichlinae.

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