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Orcynopsis Gill [T. N.] 1862:125 Fem. Scomber unicolor Geoffroy St. Hilaire 1817. Type by original designation (also monotypic). Regarded as misspelled Orycnopsis in original description, based on Orcynus Cuvier, which Gill spelled as Orycnus. But Gill used the spelling Orycnus and the suffix orycnus in other genera, so it probably cannot be regarded as a misspelling, and these Gill's names would need to be submitted to the ICZN to conserve spelling as "orcy". •Valid as Orcynopsis Gill 1862 -- (Postel 1973:474 [ref. 7208], Collette & Chao 1975:591 [ref. 5573], Collette et al. 1984:600 [ref. 11421], Collette in Whitehead et al. 1986:987 [ref. 13676], Collette et al. 2001:10 [ref. 25629], Collette 2003:6 [ref. 27312], Lipej & Dulčić 2010:70 [ref. 36649]). Current status: Valid as Orcynopsis Gill 1862. Scombridae: Scombrinae.

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