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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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Caenotropus Günther [A.] 1864:297 Masc. Microdus labyrinthicus Kner 1858. Type by being a replacement name. Replacement for Microdus Kner 1859 (preoccupied by Microdus Nees 1812 in Hymenoptera and Microdus Emmons 1857 in fishes); on Official List, with type confirmed as M. labyrinthicus (through Microdus) by the ICZN (Opinion 1150). Spelled Caenotropis by Boulenger 1910:7 [not researched]. •Valid as Caenotropus Günther 1864 -- (Géry 1977:211 [ref. 1597], Vari 1983:5 [ref. 5419], Vari et al. 1995:12 [ref. 21817], Vari & Raredon in Reis et al. 2003:85 [ref. 27061], Scharcansky & Lucena 2007:59 [ref. 29251], Oliveira et al. 2011:11 [ref. 31685]). Current status: Valid as Caenotropus Günther 1864. Chilodontidae.

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