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Encheloclarias Myers [G. S.] in Herre & Myers 1937:66 Masc. Heterobranchus tapeinopterus Bleeker 1853. Type by original designation (also monotypic). From the text, authorship of the freshwater part was by Herre and Myers, but this is in conflict with a statement on p. 53 that the descriptive matter is the work of the senior author excepting in Danio, Encheloclarias, and Mastacembelus. The latter statement is accepted for purposes of authorship of this taxon. •Valid as Encheloclarias Myers 1937 -- (Kottelat 1989:15 [ref. 13605], Roberts 1989:128 [ref. 6439], Ng & Lim 1993:22 [ref. 20827], Burgess & Finley 1996:165 [ref. 22901], Ng & Tan 2000:536 [ref. 25044], Ferraris 2007:149 [ref. 29155] with aurthorship as Herre & Myers, Ng 1912:111 [ref. 32295], Kottelat 2013:244 [ref. 32989]). Current status: Valid as Encheloclarias Myers 1937. Clariidae.

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