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Leocottus (subgenus of Paracottus) Taliev [D. N.] 1955:235, 243 Masc. Paracottus (Leocottus) pelagicus Taliev 1955. Two included species, one with subspecies; article not fully translated, but if no type was designated, then this genus is unavailable from Taliev 1955 (Art. 13.3). Zoological Record for 1958 lists the type as pelagicus and Fowler (MS) lists the type as kessleri as does Sideleva 2003:151 [ref. 27815]. Probably dates to Zoological Record in 1958. Bogutskaya & Naseka 2004:189 [ref. 28183] give authorship as Sideleva 2003. •Synonym of Cottus Linnaeus 1758, but a valid subgenus Leocottus as described -- (Sideleva 1982:27 [ref. 14469]). •Valid as Leocottus Taliev 1955 -- (Sideleva 2001:59 [ref. 26181], Kontula et al. 2003:149 [ref. 26791], Sideleva 2003:16, 151 [ref. 27815], Bogutskaya & Naseka 2004:189 [ref. 28183] with author as Sideleva). Current status: Valid as Leocottus Taliev 1955. Cottidae.