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Macrospinosa Lal Mohan [R. S.] 1969:295 Fem. Bola cuja Hamilton 1822. Type by original designation (also monotypic). Spelled Macropinos in main heading on p. 295; spelled Macrospinosa in abstract, figure caption and p. 296; former regarded as a typesetting error [but the possibility that both names are preoccupied should be investigated]. Date on cover is 20 June 1969; B. cuja placed in a new genus Cantor by Talwar, with date of 1970. Kottelat (2013) spells author as Mohan. •Valid as Macrospinosa Lal Mohan 1969 -- (Trewavas 1977:289 [ref. 4459], Jayaram 1981:328 [ref. 6497], Talwar 1995:18 [ref. 25194], Ataur Rahman 2003:356 [ref. 31338], Kottelat 2013:359 [ref. 32989], Parenti 2020:27 [ref. 37439]). Current status: Valid as Macrospinosa Lal Mohan 1969. Sciaenidae.

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