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decandollii, Lepadogaster Risso [A.] 1827:275 [Histoire naturelle des principales productions de l'Europe méridionale v. 3; ref. 3757] Nice, France, northwestern Mediterranean Sea. No types known. Not available; an incorrect subsequent spelling of Lepadogaster candolii Risso 1810. Reference was made to "Riss. Ichthyol., 76, 6" but original spelling not mentioned (just as vernacular name 'Lépadogastère decandolle'). •In the synonymy of Lepadogaster candolii Risso 1810 -- (Briggs 1955:38 [ref. 637] as candollei, Briggs in Whitehead et al. 1986:1356 [ref. 13677] as candollei, Bilecenoğlu et al. 2002:56 [ref. 26753] as candollei, Lipej & Dulčić 2010:33 [ref. 36649] as candollei). Misspelling. Current status: Synonym of Lepadogaster candolii Risso 1810. Gobiesocidae: Lepadogastrinae.