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lacustre, Aphyosemion gardneri Radda [A. C.] 1974:192, Fig. 3 [Jahrbuch des Naturhistorischen Museums, Bern v. 5; ref. 7461] Pool of a drying drainage of Lake Ejagham, 5°46'N, 8°55'E, western Cameroon. Holotype: NMW 22404 (1 of 3). Paratypes: NMBE 77/1974 (2), NMW 22404 (2 of 3). Mentioned first unintentionally in Langton 1974 [ref. 23228] credited to Radda and using a separate of Radda 1974 [ref. 7461]. •Synonym of Aphyosemon gardneri (Boulenger 1911) -- (Wildekamp et al. 1986:215 [ref. 6198]). •Synonym of Aphyosemion gardneri (Boulenger 1911), but a valid subspecies lacustris (Radda 1974) as described -- (Romand in Lévêque et al. 1992:615 [ref. 21590], Lazara 2001:129 [ref. 25711] with author as Langton). •Synonym of Fundulopanchax gardneri (Boulenger 1911), but a valid subspecies lacustris as described -- (Wildekamp 1996:173 [ref. 23649], van der Zee et al. 2007:131 [ref. 30034]). Current status: Synonym of Fundulopanchax gardneri (Boulenger 1911). Nothobranchiidae. Distribution: This subspecies: west-central Africa: Cameroon. Habitat: freshwater.

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