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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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brichardi, Congopanchax Poll [M.] 1971:304, Figs. A-E [Revue de Zoologie et de Botanique Africaines v. 83 (no. 3-4); ref. 3530] Liyeke, dead arm of Tshuapa River, between Boende and Watsi, 2 kilometers from Boende, Democratic Republic of Congo. Holotype: MRAC 168566. Paratypes: MRAC 168567 (1), 168568-73 (6). Type catalog: Derijst 1991:37 [ref. 21528]. •Valid as Poropanchax brichardi (Poll 1971) -- (Huber 1999:58 [ref. 23835]). •Valid as Aplocheilichthys brichardi (Poll 1971) -- (Lazara 2001:36 [ref. 25711]). •Valid as Congopanchax brichardi Poll 1971 -- (Radda 1981:10 [ref. 31276], Wildekamp et al. 1986:187 [ref. 6198], Poll & Gosse 1995:209 [ref. 24781], Bragança & Costa 2019:[7] [ref. 36577], Stiassny et al. 2021:1688 [ref. 39000], Bragança et al. 2023:103 [ref. 40597]). Current status: Valid as Congopanchax brichardi Poll 1971. Procatopodidae: Procatopodinae. Distribution: Western-central Africa: Tshuapa River drainage and its main tributaries (Salonga, Lofofe, and Luilaka Rivers), Mfimi River drainage, Lake Tumba, Lake Mai-Ndombe and along the Congo River swampy margins between Lisala and Bumbacentra, middle Congo River basin, Democratic Republic of Congo. Habitat: freshwater.

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