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storeri, Aledon Castelnau [F. L.] 1861:76 [Mémoire sur les poissons de l'Afrique australe; ref. 767] Boston Bay [and Nahant ?], Massachusetts, U.S.A. No types known. Based on Orthagoriscus mola of Storer (Boston J. Nat. Hist., 1839, v. 2, p. 515[-519] (170-173 in separate), Pl. 3 [= Pl. 8], f. 1 [ref. 4278]). Although only one specimen was illustrated, a second specimen was described in the text. The separate of Storer 1839 has pagination of 1-202; in both versions, plate numbers are given as in the text as I-III, but in the Boston J. Nat. Hist. copy, the plates themselves are numbered VI-VIII. •Synonym of Mola mola (Linnaeus 1758) -- (Fraser-Brunner 1951:115 [ref. 19546], Parenti 2003:3 [ref. 27311], Nyegaard et al. 2017:11 [ref. 35492]). Current status: Synonym of Mola mola (Linnaeus 1758). Molidae. Habitat: marine.

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