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sadina, Clupea Mitchill [S. L.] 1814:21 [Report, in part, of Samuel L. Mitchill; ref. 3030] New York, U.S.A. No types known. Also in Mitchill 1815:457 [ref. 13292]. Mitchill's species sadina predates teres DeKay; see Randall & DiBattista 2012:99 [ref. 31780]. •Synonym of Etrumeus teres (DeKay 1842) -- (Munroe & Nizinski 2003:818 [ref. 26997] as sardina). •Valid as Etrumeus sadina (Mitchill 1814) -- (Randall & DiBattista 2012:99 [ref. 31780], Fricke et al. 2018:54 [ref. 35805], Eagderi et al. 2019:25 [ref. 37020], Caires et al. in Marceniuk et al. 2021:153 [ref. 38945], Carvalho-Filho 2023:64 [ref. 40480], Page et al. 2023:60 [ref. 40505]). Current status: Valid as Etrumeus sadina (Mitchill 1814). Dussumieriidae. Distribution: Western Atlantic: Nova Scotia (Canada) south to Florida (U.S.A.), including northern and western Gulf of Mexico; Colombia south to French Guiana, including southern Caribbean Sea. Habitat: marine.

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