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merzbacheri, Aspiopsis Zugmayer [E.] 1912:682 [Annals and Magazine of Natural History (Series 8) v. 9 (no. 54); ref. 4847] River Manas He, west of Urumtchi on northern slopes of Tian-Shan range, China. Syntypes: BMNH 1914.3.2.1 [ex ZSM] (1), ZSM [old collection] (orig. 16) lost in WWII. Type catalog: Neumann 2006:272 [ref. 28925]. Also described as new in Zugmayer 1913:13, pl. [ref. 17732]. •Mention as Aspiopsis merzbacheri Zugmayer 1912 -- (Kottelat 2006:87 [ref. 28831]). •Valid as Leuciscus merzbacheri (Zugmayer 1912) -- (Yang & Hwang 1964:30 [ref. 13497], Zhu 1995:31 [ref. 25213], Luo in Chen et al. 1998:71 [ref. 23878], Yue & Chen 1998:79 [ref. 26415], Zhang et al. 2016:53 [ref. 34477]). Current status: Valid as Leuciscus merzbacheri (Zugmayer 1912). Leuciscidae: Leuciscinae. Distribution: East Asia: Bortala, Manas and Urumqi River drainages, Junggar basin, Xinjiang Province, northern China. Habitat: freshwater.

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