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sinensis, Sebastichthys Gilbert [C. H.] 1890:81 [Proceedings of the United States National Museum v. 13 (no. 797); ref. 1623] Gulf of California, Mexico, 29°19'N, 112°50'W, Albatross station 3015, depth 145 fathoms. Syntypes: (2) USNM 43085 (1). Name is in competition with Sebastes sinensis McClelland 1844 which apparently has not been used as a valid name at least since Günther 1860. Sebastes sinensis (Gilbert 1890) has been recognized as a valid species for many years, and that name has not been replaced. We consider it to be a novem protectum under Art. 23.9.1 and Sebastes sinensis McClelland to be a nomen oblitum. •Valid as Sebastes sinensis (Gilbert 1890) -- (Chen 1975:118 [ref. 7413], Poss in Fischer et al. 1995:1563 [ref. 22830], Shytko 2001:73 [ref. 26410], Love et al. 2002:270 [ref. 26216], Nelson et al. 2004:116 [ref. 27807], Page et al. 2013:119 [ref. 32708]). Current status: Valid as Sebastes sinensis (Gilbert 1890). Sebastidae: Sebastinae. Distribution: Gulf of California. Habitat: marine.