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macropterus, Awaous Duncker [G.] 1912:252, Pl. (fig. 1) [Mitteilungen aus dem Naturhistorischen (Zoologischen) Museum in Hamburg v. 29; ref. 14839] Ginganga near Vakvella, Sri Lanka. Lectotype: ZMH H413 (71.0 mm spec., male). Paralectotypes: BMNH 1913.5.24.23 (1), ZMH H413 (1, female). Type catalog: Ladiges et al. 1958:166 [ref. 19181], Wilkens & Dohse 1993:408 [ref. 21161]. Lectotype selected by Ladiges et al. 1958:166 [ref. 19181]. •Valid as Stenogobius macropterus (Duncker 1912), but possibly the same as Stenogobius malabaricus (Day 1865) -- (Watson 1991:590 [ref. 19908]). •Valid as Stenogobius macropterus (Duncker 1912) -- (Causse et al. 2023:[5] 145 [ref. 40322]). Current status: Valid as Stenogobius macropterus (Duncker 1912). Gobiidae: Gobionellinae. Distribution: Indian Ocean: Sri Lanka. Habitat: freshwater.

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