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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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montagui, Cyclopterus Donovan [E.] 1804:5 unnum. pp., Pl. 68 [The natural history of British fishes, including scientific and general descriptions of the most interesting species, and an extensive selection of accurately finished coloured plates.; ref. 17408] England. No types known. •Valid as Liparis montagui (Donovan 1804) -- (Lindberg 1973:610 [ref. 7220], Stein & Able in Whitehead et al. 1986:1279 [ref. 13677], Chernova 1991:26 [ref. 23263], Chernova et al. 2004:27 [ref. 27592], Fricke 2007:29 [ref. 30577], Chernova 2008:840 [ref. 30236], Parin et al. 2014:338 [ref. 33547], Carneiro et al. 2019:238 [ref. 37250], Bañón & Maño 2021:69 [ref. 38883], Iglésias et al. 2021:175 [ref. 38818], Smirnova et al. 2022:560 [851] [ref. 40440]). Current status: Valid as Liparis montagui (Donovan 1804). Liparidae. Distribution: Arctic Ocean; western Baltic Sea; North Sea; northeastern Atlantic: Iceland and Kola Peninsula (Russia) south to Portugal, including Faroe Islands. Habitat: marine.

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