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guineensis, Ostracion (Acanthostracion) Bleeker [P.] 1865:302 [5] [Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor de Dierkunde v. 2; ref. 17040] Guinea. No types known. Original as guineënsis. On p. 5 of separate. Acanthostracion is neuter, therefore the species epithet should be guineense. •Valid as Acanthostracion guineensis (Bleeker 1865) -- (Tyler 1965:264 [ref. 39940], Duron & Quéro 1990:1067 [ref. 19530], Afonso et al. 1999:87 [ref. 25466], Wirtz et al. 2007:42 [ref. 30263], Matsuura 2014:17 [ref. 33576], Matsuura in Carpenter & De Angelis 2016:3065 [ref. 34618], Reiner 2019:307 [ref. 38139], Fermon et al. 2022:307 [ref. 39448]). •Valid as Acanthostracion guineense (Bleeker 1865). Current status: Valid as Acanthostracion guineense (Bleeker 1865). Ostraciidae. Distribution: Eastern Atlantic: Guinea south to Gabon, including São Tomé and Principe. Habitat: marine.

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