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ornata, Raja ackleyi var. Garman [S.] 1881:235 [Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology v. 8 (no. 11); ref. 14294] Off South Carolina, 32┬░24'N, 78┬░44'W, depth 142 fathoms. Lectotype: MCZ 915-S. Paralectotypes: MCZ 585-S (1), MCZ 51759 (1); USNM 43727 (1, or now 0). Appeared after Raja ackleyi sp. nov. as Raja ornata var. nov. R. ackleyi which authors have misinterpreted as describing a new species ornata, but Garman states (p. 236), "...that these young skates represent a variety of R. Ackleyi." Objectively invalid; Raja ackleyi ornata is preoccupied by Raia ornata Agassiz 1843 in fossil fishes, replaced by Raja garmani Whitley 1939. Lectotype established by McEachran for garmani, which also establishes a lectotype for ornata. •Synonym of Raja garmani Whitley 1939 -- (Castro-Aguirre & Espinosa Pérez 1996:38 [ref. 22793]). •Synonym of Leucoraja garmani (Whitley 1939). 1┬░Homonym. Current status: Synonym of Leucoraja garmani (Whitley 1939). Rajidae. Habitat: marine.

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