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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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striatus, Otolithus Cuvier [G.] 1829:173 [Le R├Ęgne Animal (Edition 2) v. 2; ref. 995] Brazil. Type catalog: Bauchot & Desoutter 1987:24 [ref. 6382]. Available from footnote as, "Ot. striatus, Nob., ou guatucupa, Margr., Bras., 177." Senior synonym of Otolithus guatucupa Cuvier 1830, but O. guatucupa is in prevailing usage. •Valid as Cynoscion striatus (Cuvier 1829) -- (Chao 1978:36 [ref. 6983], Nakamura in Nakamura et al. 1986:224 [ref. 14235], Spier et al. 2018:13 [ref. 36103], Parenti 2020:16 [ref. 37439]). •Regarded as a nomen dubium as Cynoscion striatus (Cuvier 1829) -- (Figueiredo 1992:117 [ref. 21464]). •In the synonymy of Cynoscion guatucupa (Cuvier 1830). Nomen Oblitum. Current status: Synonym of Cynoscion guatucupa (Cuvier 1830). Sciaenidae. Habitat: marine.

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