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koumansi, Acentrogobius Norman [J. R.] 1935:17, Figs. 7-8 [Discovery Reports v. 12; ref. 13911] Off St. Paul de Loanda, Angola. Holotype: not separated. Paratypes (? incl. holotype): BMNH 1935.5.11.155-181 (26), IRSNB [ex BMNH] 45 (1). Type information: Walschaerts 1987:45 [ref. 20755]. Koumans 1940 [ref. 2676] recognized the Gnatholepis koumansi Herre 1937 and Acentrogobius koumansi Norman 1935 were homonyms when both were in Acentrogobius, but he replaced both names; Acentrogobius normani is an unneeded replacement name for Norman's species. •Valid as Lesueurigobius koumansi (Norman 1935) -- (Miller 1990:940 [ref. 19376], Schliewen 2011:218 [ref. 31738], Miller & Murdy in Carpenter & De Angelis 2016:2840 [ref. 34618]). Current status: Valid as Lesueurigobius koumansi (Norman 1935). Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Eastern Atlantic: Angola and possibly Namibia. Habitat: marine.