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koumansi, Acentrogobius Norman [J. R.] 1935:17, Figs. 7-8 [Discovery Reports v. 12; ref. 13911] Off St. Paul de Loanda, Angola. Holotype: not separated. Paratypes (? incl. holotype): BMNH 1935.5.11.155-181 (26), IRSNB [ex BMNH] 45 (1). Type information: Walschaerts 1987:45 [ref. 20755]. Koumans 1940 [ref. 2676] recognized Obtortiophagus koumansi Whitley 1933, Gnatholepis koumansi Herre 1937 and Acentrogobius koumansi Norman 1935 were homonyms when all were in Acentrogobius, so he replaced both junior names. Now in different genera, Acentrogobius normani is an unneeded replacement name for Norman's species. •Valid as Lesueurigobius koumansi (Norman 1935) -- (Miller 1990:940 [ref. 19376], Schliewen 2011:218 [ref. 31738], Miller & Murdy in Carpenter & De Angelis 2016:2840 [ref. 34618]). 2┬░Homonym. Current status: Valid as Lesueurigobius koumansi (Norman 1935). Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Eastern Atlantic: Angola and possibly Namibia. Habitat: marine.

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