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maculatus, Callechelys Chu [Y.-T.], Wu [H.-L.] & Jin [X.-B.] 1981:22 [English p. 26], Fig. 2 [Journal of Fisheries of China v. 5 (no. 1); ref. 21250] Pingtan Island, Fujian Province, China. Holotype: SFC A01293. Paratypes: SFC A01318 (1). Original spelling should have been maculata. If placed in Yirrkala this is a secondary homonym of Caecula maculata Klausewitz 1964 when both are in Yirrkala. •Valid as Yirrkala? maculatus [should be maculata] (Chu, Wu & Jin 1981) -- (McCosker 1998:196 [ref. 23298]). •Valid as Callechelys maculatus Chu, Wu & Jin 1981 -- (Tang & Zhang 2004:22 [ref. 27889], Zhang et al. 2010:376 [ref. 31511]). Current status: Valid as Callechelys maculatus Chu, Wu & Jin 1981. Ophichthidae: Ophichthinae. Distribution: Western Pacific: Taiwan Strait, China and Taiwan. Habitat: marine.

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