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atrimelum, Chriolepis Bussing [W. A.] 1997:1548, Figs. 1-2 [Revista de Biología Tropical v. 45 (no. 4); ref. 23500] Isla del Coco, 2.6 kilometers west-northwest of Punta Gissler, 5°33'30"N, 87°05'50"W, depth 137-146 meters. Holotype (unique): LACM 32264-10. Chriolepis is feminine, so the species epithet is apparently an indeclinable noun. •Valid as Chriolepis atrimelum Bussing 1997 -- (Thomson et al. 2000:244 [ref. 25640], Van Tassell 2011:151 [ref. 31732], Hastings & Findley 2013:600 [ref. 33005], Tornabene et al. 2016:13 [ref. 34435] as atrimela). •Valid as Pinnichthys atrimelum (Bussing 1997) -- (Tornabene et al. 2016:14 [ref. 34435] as atrimela, Fuentes et al. 2023:176 [ref. 40497] as atrimela). Current status: Valid as Pinnichthys atrimelum (Bussing 1997). Gobiidae: Gobiinae. Distribution: Eastern Pacific: Cocos Island. Habitat: marine.

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