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insolitus, Clarias Ng [H. H.] 2003:2, Figs. 1, 2a [Zootaxa No. 284; ref. 27067] Small stream flowing into Sungai Rekut, tributary of Sungai Busang, about 1.5 kilometers upstream from the Project Barito Ulu base camp on Sungai Busang, Barito River drainage, Kalimantan Tengah, Borneo, Indonesia. Holotype: BMNH 2001.1.15.104 [ex MZB 6112]. Paratypes: BMNH 2001.1.15.98-103 (6). Type catalog: Ferraris 2007:144 [ref. 29155]. Proposed as a noun in apposition. •Valid as Clarias insolitus Ng 2003 -- (Ng 2004:290 [ref. 27992], Ferraris 2007:144 [ref. 29155], Ng & Hadiaty 2011:1578 [ref. 31220], Kottelat 2013:243 [ref. 32989]). Current status: Valid as Clarias insolitus Ng 2003. Clariidae. Distribution: Barito River basin, southern Borneo. Habitat: freshwater.