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plagitaenium, Aphyosemion Huber [J. H.] 2004:72, Figs. [Freshwater and Marine Aquarium v. 27 (no. 12); ref. 27984] Near village Epoma (=Opouma), Province Sangha, northeastern Congo, 0.476°N, 51.351°E, elevation 393 meters. Holotype: MNHN 2004-1288. Paratypes: BMNH 2004.7.29.1 (1), MNHN 2004-1289 (6), ZSM 31148 (2). Type catalog: Neumann 2011:271 [ref. 31652]. This name also appeared as a nomen nudum in Huber 1980 and represented a different species in the same genus. •Valid as Aphyosemion plagitaenium Huber 2004 -- (van der Zee & Sonnenberg 2011:78 [ref. 31317]). Current status: Valid as Aphyosemion plagitaenium Huber 2004. Nothobranchiidae. Distribution: Western-central Africa: Epoma (northern-central Republic of Congo). Habitat: freshwater.

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