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fulakariensis, Labeo Tshibwabwa [S. M.], Stiassny [M. L. J.] & Schelly [R. C.] 2006:38, Figs. 3-4 [Zootaxa No. 1224; ref. 28698] Channel in rocks, 1 kilometer upstream of Foulakari, Congo River main channel, Lower Congo River, Republic of Congo, 4°34.71'S, 14°59.74'E. Holotype: AMNH 236426. Paratypes: AMNH 236426 (1), 236428 (1); ZSM 34488 (1). Type catalog: Neumann 2011:255 [ref. 31652]. •Valid as Labeo fulakariensis Tshibwabwa, Stiassny & Schelly 2006 -- (Munene et al. 2021:22 [ref. 39283]). Current status: Valid as Labeo fulakariensis Tshibwabwa, Stiassny & Schelly 2006. Cyprinidae: Labeoninae. Distribution: West Africa: lower and central Congo River basin (Democratic Republic of Congo and Republic of Congo). Habitat: freshwater.

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