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nakamurae, Acheilognathus tabira Arai [R.], Fujikawa [H.] & Nagata [Y.] 2007:19, Figs. 4D, 5F, 11 [Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science (Ser. A) Supplement No. 1; ref. 29106] Futatsukawa River, Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Holotype: NSMT-P 72659. Paratypes: at NSMT. Plus non-type material. The spelling nakamure is acceptable; early workers almost certainly Latinized the name first, and then added an 'e' (Art. 31.1.1) [WNE, 12 Mar. 2012] -- we suggest using nakamurae when the species is treated as valid. •Synonym of Acheilognathus tabira Jordan & Thompson 1914, but a valid subspecies nakamurae Arai, Fujikawa & Nagata 2007 as described. Current status: Synonym of Acheilognathus tabira Jordan & Thompson 1914. Acheilognathidae. Distribution: Kyushu area, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan [subspecies]. Habitat: freshwater.

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