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cinarucoense, Bryconamericus Román-Valencia [C.], Taphorn [D. C.] & Ruiz-C. [R. I.] 2008:19, Fig. 1 [Animal Biodiversity and Conservation v. 31 (no. 1); ref. 29743] Sand beach, 6°32'55"N, 67°24'58"W, Cinaruco River, Orinoco River basin, Apure State, Venezuela. Holotype: MCNG 52002. Paratypes: at IUQ and MCNG. Plus non-type material. Specific name should have been cinarucoensis, an adjective. •Valid as Bryconamericus cinarucoensis Román-Valencia, Taphorn & Ruiz-C. 2008 -- (Zarske et al. 2010:9 [ref. 30816] as cinarucoense). •Valid as Knodus cinarucoensis (Román-Valencia, Taphorn & Ruiz-C. 2008) -- (Thomaz et al. 2015:App. 5 [ref. 33893] as cinarucoense, DoNascimiento et al. 2017:59 [ref. 35633] as cinarucoense, Dos Anjos de Sousa et al. 2020:582 [ref. 37361] as cinarucoense, Deprá et al. 2021:3 [ref. 38180] as cinarucoense). Current status: Valid as Knodus cinarucoensis (Román-Valencia, Taphorn & Ruiz-C. 2008). Characidae: Stevardiinae. Distribution: South America: Orinoco River basin, Colombia, Guyana and Venezuela, and Branco River basin, Roraima, Brazil. Habitat: freshwater.