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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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brevicaudatus, Pareuchiloglanis Nguyen [V. H.] 2005:642, Fig. 54 [Freshwater fishes of Vietnam v. 2; ref. 29730] Nâm Na River, Phong Thô, Lai Châu, Vietnam. Holotype: NCNTTS I, Bac Ninh. Paratypes: (1). Genus and species are misspelled in main heading as Paseuchiloglasus brericaudatus, correctly spelled Pareuchiloglanis brevicaudatus in the figure caption. Combined with a feminine genus, the adjective should be brevicaudata. •Valid as Pareuchiloglanis brevicaudata Nguyen 2005 -- (Kottelat 2013:230 [ref. 32989] as species inquirendae). Current status: Uncertain as Pareuchiloglanis brevicaudata Nguyen 2005. Sisoridae: Glyptosterninae. Distribution: Nâm Na River, Phong Thô, Lai Châu, Vietnam (if valid). Habitat: freshwater.

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