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melanophasma, Hydrolagus James [K. C.], Ebert [D. A.], Long [D. J.] & Didier [D. A.] 2009:60, Figs.1-4 [Zootaxa No. 2218; ref. 30401] Punta Pescadera, Baja California, Mexico, 23°48'N, 109°42'W, depth 30.5 meters. Holotype: SIO 77-211. Paratypes: LACM39805-1 (1). Plus non-type specimens and ROV observations. •Valid as Hydrolagus melanophasma James, Ebert, Long & Didier 2009 -- (Aguirre-Villaseñor et al. 2013:[3] 716 [ref. 38881], Page et al. 2013:49 [ref. 32708], Arturo et al. 2014:571 [ref. 33497], Del Moral-Flores et al. 2016:54 [ref. 34398], Weigmann 2016:167 [ref. 34211], Walovich et al. 2017:516 [ref. 35113], Ebert et al. 2017:61 [ref. 35618], Ehemann et al. 2018:20 [ref. 36194], Jew et al. 2018:[4] [ref. 36022], Calle-Morán et al. 2020:248 [ref. 37881], González-Acosta et al. 2021:5 [ref. 38361], Love et al. 2021:12 [ref. 39279]). Current status: Valid as Hydrolagus melanophasma James, Ebert, Long & Didier 2009. Chimaeridae. Distribution: Eastern Pacific: off southern California (U.S.A.) and Pacific coast of Baja California (Mexico) south to Chile, including Gulf of California (Mexico) and Galapagos Islands (Ecuador). Habitat: marine.

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