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Eschmeyer's Catalog of Fishes
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guyanensis, Bryconamericus Zarske [A.], Le Bail [P.-Y.] & Géry [J.] 2010:4, Figs. 1-4 [Vertebrate Zoology v. 60 (no. 1); ref. 30816] Mana, crique Eau Claire at 7 kilometers of Saül, French Guyana. Holotype: MNHN 2010-0036. Paratypes: at IRSNB, MHNG, MNHN, MTD, ZFMK. Type catalog: Herder et al. 2010:115 [ref. 31087]. •Valid as Bryconamericus guyanensis Zarske, Le Bail & Géry 2010 -- (Thomaz et al. 2015:Add. 5 [ref. 33893] genus uncertain, Brosse et al. 2019:134 [ref. 38320], Borstein et al. 2022:16 [ref. 39507]). Current status: Valid as Bryconamericus guyanensis Zarske, Le Bail & Géry 2010. Characidae: Stevardiinae. Distribution: South America: French Guyana and Suriname. Habitat: freshwater.

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