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rohani, Puntius Rema Devi [K.], Indra [T. J.] & Knight [J. D. M.] 2010:1122, Figs. 1, 2 3A [Journal of Threatened Taxa; ref. 30982] Kodayar River drainage, near Mayilar, KWS, Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu, India, 8.5052°N, 77.3015°E, elevation 110 meters. Holotype: ZSI/SRS F8336. Paratypes: many at ZSI/SRS. Plus additional material. •Valid as Puntius rohani Rema Devi, Indra & Knight 2010 -- (Knight et al. 2011:1690 [ref. 31267]). •Valid as Dawkinsia rohani (Rema Devi, Indra & Knight 2010) -- (Pethiyagoda et al. 2012:80 [ref. 32071], Bleher 2018:422 [ref. 36647], Katwate et al. 2020:230 [ref. 37497], Katwate et al. 2020:725 [ref. 37975], Sudasinghe et al. 2021:[3] [ref. 38706]). Current status: Valid as Dawkinsia rohani (Rema Devi, Indra & Knight 2010). Cyprinidae: Smiliogastrinae. Distribution: South Asia: southern Western Ghats (India). Habitat: freshwater.