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sakaryaensis, Gobio Turan [D.], Ekmekçi [F. G.], Luskova [V.] & Mendel [J.] 2012:57, Figs. 1-2 [Zootaxa No. 3257; ref. 31870] Tozman Stream, 40°04'N, 30°30'E, Bilecik Province, Turkey. Holotype: FFR 2504. Paratypes: FFR 2505 (1). Plus additional non-type material at IUSHM. Type catalog: Kaya et al. 2021:412 [ref. 38688]. •Valid as Gobio sakaryaensis Turan, Ekmekçi, Luskova & Mendel 2012 -- (Çiçek et al. 2015:145 [ref. 35151], Turan et al. 2016:9 [ref. 34433], Turan et al. 2017:285 [ref. 35675], Çiçek et al. 2018:7 [ref. 36267], Turan et al. 2018:373 [ref. 36211], Saç et al. 2019:38 [ref. 36493], Çiçek et al. 2020:249 [ref. 37644]). Current status: Valid as Gobio sakaryaensis Turan, Ekmekçi, Luskova & Mendel 2012. Gobionidae. Distribution: Asia Minor: Sakarya River basin and Tozman Stream (Black Sea tributaries) and Lake Sapanca region (Marmara Sea tributary) (Turkey). Habitat: freshwater.

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