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proskynita, Pareiorhaphis Pereira [E. H. L.] & Britto [M. R.] 2012:519, Fig. 1 [Copeia 2012 (no. 3); ref. 32198] Catas Altas, Rio Doce drainage, Ribeirão Caraça at locality of Taboões, Reserva Particular do Patrimômio Natural (R.P.P.N.) Santuário do Caraça, Serra do Caraça, tributary of Rio Piracicaba, 20°04'54"S, 43°30'20"W, Minas Gerais State, Brazil. Holotype: MNRJ 38561. Paratypes: MCP, MNRJ. Plus non-type material. •Valid as Pareiorhaphis proskynita Pereira & Britto 2012 -- (Pereira et al. 2016:448 [ref. 34623], Pereira & Reis 2017:75 [ref. 35307], Pereira et al. 2024:74 [ref. 40883]). Current status: Valid as Pareiorhaphis proskynita Pereira & Britto 2012. Loricariidae: Hypoptopomatinae. Distribution: South America: upper Rio Doce drainage, southeastern Brazil. Habitat: freshwater.

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