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pelagica, Neenchelys Ho [H.-C.], McCosker [J. E.] & Smith [D. G.] 2015:50 [Zootaxa 4060 (no. 1); ref. 34122] Dong-gang Fishing Port, SW Taiwan, northern South China Sea. Holotype: NMMB-P15556. Paratypes: CAS 231943 (1), USNM 401022 (1). First appeared in Ho et al. 2013 [ref. 33156], but not satisfying Art. 8.5.3 and thus not available. Name available in Ho et al. 2015 [ref. 34122]. •Valid as Neenchelys pelagica Ho, McCosker & Smith 2015 -- (Ho et al. 2015:8 [ref. 34116], Ho et al. 2015:170 [ref. 34130], Hibino et al. 2015:60 [ref. 34166]). Current status: Valid as Neenchelys pelagica Ho, McCosker & Smith 2015. Ophichthidae: Myrophinae. Distribution: Taiwan. Habitat: marine.