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persa, Paracobitis Freyhof [J.], Esmaeili [H. R.], Sayyadzadeh [G.] & Geiger [M. F.] 2014:29, Figs. 19-22 [Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters v. 25 (no. 1); ref. 33505] Fars Province, Maloosjan spring east of Beiza, Kor basin, 29°52'23"N, 52°27'37"E, Iran. Holotype: CM-CBSU J2659. Paratypes: FSJF 3450 (3); ZM-CBSU J2663-J2671 (9), J2689-J2694 (6). Plus additional non-type material. •Valid as Paracobitis persa Freyhof, Esmaeili, Sayyadzadeh & Geiger 2014 -- (Mousavi-Sabet et al. 2015:341 [ref. 33744], Jouladeh-Roudbar et al. 2015:886 [ref. 34062], Esmaeili et al. 2017:69 [ref. 35254], Esmaeili et al. 2018:49 [ref. 36089], Jouladeh-Roudbar et al. 2020:185 [ref. 37983]). Current status: Valid as Paracobitis persa Freyhof, Esmaeili, Sayyadzadeh & Geiger 2014. Nemacheilidae. Distribution: Middle East: Kor drainage (Iran). Habitat: freshwater.

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