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sawmteai, Exostoma Lalramliana [no initials], Lalronunga [S.], Lalnuntluanga [no initials] & Ng [H. H.] 2015:60, Fig. 1 [Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters v. 26 (no. 1); ref. 33867] Mizoram, Champhai District, Pharsih River, a tributary of Tuivai River, Barak River drainage, in the vicinity of Kawlbem, 23°51'58"N, 93°17'20"E, India. Holotype: PUCMF 14011. Paratypes: PUCMF 14012 (13). •Valid as Exostoma sawmteai Lalramliana, Lalronunga, Lalnuntluanga & Ng 2015 -- (Chen et al. 2017:8 [ref. 35642], Ng & Kottelat 2018:68 [ref. 35794], Ng 2018:413 [ref. 35936], Luo & Chen 2020:107 [ref. 37596], Arunkumar 2020:294 [ref. 37782]). Current status: Valid as Exostoma sawmteai Lalramliana, Lalronunga, Lalnuntluanga & Ng 2015. Sisoridae: Glyptosterninae. Distribution: Barak River drainage, Surma-Meghna basin, Mizoram, India. Habitat: freshwater.

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