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kaninginii, Marcusenius Kisekelwa [T.], Boden [G.], Snoeks [J.] & Vreven [E. J.] 2016:345, Figs. 5, 7a [Ichthyological Exploration of Freshwaters v. 26 (no. 4); ref. 34365] Lowa River, Walikale, upstream waterfall and Lowa bridge in Walikale city, Lowa River basin, Democratic Republic of Congo, 1°25'53"S, 28°04'27"E. Holotype: MRAC B0-001-P-001. Paratypes: MRAC. Plus additional non-type material. •Valid as Marcusenius kaninginii Kisekelwa, Boden, Snoeks & Vreven 2016 -- (Decru et al. 2019:234 [ref. 36749], Kiselkewa et al. 2020:[7] 706 [ref. 38315]). Current status: Valid as Marcusenius kaninginii Kisekelwa, Boden, Snoeks & Vreven 2016. Mormyridae. Distribution: Central Africa: Lowa River drainage, upper Congo basin (Democratic Republic of Congo). Habitat: freshwater.

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