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lessoni, Taeniura Last [P. R.], White [W. T.] & Naylor [G.] 2016:387, Figs. 8-12 [Zootaxa 4147 (no. 4); ref. 34638] Landoro Passage off Uepi Island, Marovo Lagoon, Solomon Islands, approximately 8°25.6'S, 157°55.7'E, depth 2-3 meters. Holotype: CSIRO H 7724-01. Paratypes: CSIRO, QM, USNM. •Valid as Taeniura lessoni Last, White & Naylor 2016 -- (Last et al. 2016:605 [ref. 35010], White et al. 2017:258 [ref. 35860], White & Ko'ou 2018:61 [ref. 35922], Fricke et al. 2019:46 [ref. 36673]). Current status: Valid as Taeniura lessoni Last, White & Naylor 2016. Dasyatidae: Neotrygoninae. Distribution: Western Pacific: New Britain and New Ireland (Papua New Guinea), Solomon Islands and Fiji. Habitat: marine.

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